Fitting unpicked - Learn to fit a dress pattern

Fitting unpicked - Learn to fit a dress pattern

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This workshop runs over 4 consecutive Wednesday Evenings.

Next Class - Wednesday Evenings - 21st April - 12th May 5.30 pm - 8 pm 

Run in association with the City Of Sydney.

 *** You can register your interest in future dates here. ***

These weekly sessions allow you to gain confidence in measuring and fitting your own patterns - you'll learn how to measure yourself, sew a toile, amend a base/block pattern and make fit adjustments as well as lots of new skills for creating the perfect fit!

NOTE - we'll be working on a dress pattern in this class that can be used for dresses and tops! 


Beginner level - however, we require that you know the basics of sewing and are confident completing a sewing project on your own. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Take your own measurements
  • Read a pattern and decide which size to cut
  • Learn about garment and design ease
  • Prep and sew a toile
  • Fit a garment
  • Amend a pattern and make adjustments
  • Use your base pattern to check the fit of your sewing patterns
  • If there's time - learn to pattern hack your block to create designs!

What's included:

  • Base/block pattern (Worth $39)
  • Digital fit book (Worth $59)
  • Toiling Fabric 
  • Pattern paper
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Sewing Machines
  • Cutting Tables
  • Plenty of Hand Sanitizer and Wipes!

 Feel free to bring your own equipment if you'd prefer!

What you'll need to bring:

  • Notebook