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Moving a dart for volume

Enjoy a free pattern making video from our online pattern making course showing you how to move darts for volume to create an A-line skirt pattern. Then learn how to use the cut-and-slash method to add more flare to the design.

What do you think? Are you going to give it a go for yourself? Get in touch via instagram or email with any questions or comments!

Meet your tutor

Hi. I’m Alys! I’m a pattern maker, and I’ve worked for brands such as Alexander McQueen, steventai, Paper London and Teija. I aim to teach pattern making in a fun and easy way to give you the freedom to design your own clothes exactly how you want.

I’ve been teaching students in person for the past four years, so I design each online course to be as hands-on as real-life workshops, yet with the flexibility to work in your own time.

In ‘Patterns Unpicked The Essentials’ - we’ll start with the basics and put them into practise straight away. Once you’ve mastered these, we’ll build up your confidence so you can use your new skills to hack your favourite sewing patterns and create the designs you love!

For more videos, step-by-step illustrations and try-it-yourself exercises - check out our online courses.