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1/2 scale pattern making blocks

1/2 scale pattern making blocks

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There are three different sizes of 1/2 scale blocks for you to experiment with ideas; so you can easily try out tutorials and learn new skills without the pressure!

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The download includes:

Front, back bodice and sleeve
Front and back skirt

They have been designed so you can print them at home on A4 or US letter size.

They will not be full-scale, so you don’t need to worry too much about the size you pick or the scale you print. Make sure to print all the pieces within the same size bracket so they fit together. We’ve included three sizes because it’s helpful to start with patterns that look similar to your own sewing patterns. It also means the shapes of the patterns feel familiar when you pattern-hack your own!

Check out #30DaysOfPatternMaking series for lots of tutorials you can try out with your blocks.