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Handy tools kit

Handy tools kit

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This kit has so many handy tools which are perfect for speeding up time when sewing and pattern making!

Hot Iron Ruler - Fold, measure and press hems all at once! This hot iron ruler is heat resistant so it allows you to measure whilst using the iron.

Notcher - 2 in 1 tool! Perfect for adding notches to paper to help match seams when you're sewing as well as adding 1.3cm hole to hang up all your sewing patterns.

Hump Jumper - This 2 in 1 tool allows you to stitch over the 'hump' (thick part) of a seam as well as using the point of the tool to push fabric to a crisp point.

Tracing wheel - Perfect for transferring marks for pattern making, tailoring and sewing.

Twin needle - Two Universal needles mounted on one shank create two rows of stitches simultaneously.

Pattern master - This is an essential tool for pattern making and sewing which allows you to draw curves and lines as well as add seam allowance. Perfect for drafting patterns and making alterations. It's also great for making bias binding and squaring off or truing patterns.