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Magic tools kit

Magic tools kit

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This kit has so many 'magic' tools which are so handy for sewing and making!

Magnetic seam guide - A magnetic seam guide helps you sew the perfect seam distance every time. Its magnet means it is easy to move and requires no attachments!

Magnetic pin collector - Magnetic pin wand, easy to grip and pick up pins.

Hump JumperThis 2 in 1 tool allows you to stitch over the 'hump' (thick part) of a seam as well as using the point of the tool to push fabric to a crisp point.

Chalk liner pen-style - A powder-based chalk pen for drawing thin lines.

Clover unpicker - The clover unpicker is great for cutting threads on seams or buttonholes. It has a small red ball on one end to avoid damaging your materials.

Lint cleaning brush - Lint brush for cleaning lint, loose threads and dust from sewing machines and overlockers.

Save 10% when you buy as a kit and have all these handy tools to make your sewing time easier!