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Magic tools kit

Magic tools kit

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This kit has so many useful tools which are perfect for speeding up time when sewing and organising!

Loop turner - This loop turner makes it easier to turn fabric tubes inside out. Ideal for straps and button loops.

Hot Iron Ruler - Fold, measure and press hems all at once! This hot iron ruler is heat resistant so it allows you to measure whilst using the iron.

Hump Jumper - This 2 in 1 tool allows you to stitch over the 'hump' (thick part) of a seam as well as using the point of the tool to push fabric to a crisp point.

Tracing wheel - Perfect for transferring marks for pattern making, tailoring and sewing.

Bobbin box - To keep all your bobbins tidy! The clear top makes it easy to see colours at a glance.