Pattern Hack Weekender - Saturday 20th + Sunday 21st

Pattern Hack Weekender

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This workshop runs on a consecutive Saturday and Sunday morning.

Next Class - Saturday 20th + Sunday 21st February  - 10am - 2pm

Run in association with the City Of Sydney. 

*** You can register your interest in future dates here. ***


Have some fun and change up your favourite me-mades whilst learning to Pattern Hack!

Learn to adapt patterns by creating flare, adding volume, changing the neckline, sleeves or length! You will learn techniques that will help you understand the basics of pattern making and give you a chance to put them into practice!

There will be a few hours of teaching and then you will all be working on your own projects and you can go wild with your new designs! It's a great opportunity to learn from each other's projects and have expert guidance along the way. 


You'll learn how to:

  • Read and understand pattern terminology
  • Trace patterns and use new tools and equipment
  • Manipulate and pivot darts and seams
  • Change the length or neckline
  • Add flare, gathers, frills, volume to create creative patterns
  • Gain confidence in Pattern Hacks so you can carry on at home.

What's included:

  • We have all the tools you'll need but feel free to bring your own equipment if you'd prefer!
  • 5m of Pattern Paper
  • Plenty of Hand Sanitizer and Wipes!

We also have a small selection of pattern making equipment you can purchase if you want to carry on at home after your workshop!

 What to bring:

  • Your favourite patterns you want to Pattern Hack.