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Pattern making kit

Pattern making kit

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This kit has all of your essentials for pattern making and toiling! 

Pattern master - This is an essential tool for pattern making which allows you to draw curves and lines as well as add seam allowance. Perfect for drafting patterns and making alterations. It's also great for making bias binding and squaring off or truing patterns.

Clover fabric tracing paper5 sheets of coloured tracing paper. Great for marking patterns onto fabric or to transfer embroidery templates.

Tracing wheelPerfect for transferring marks for pattern making, tailoring and sewing.

Curve Measuring wheel - Perfect for accurate measurement of curves and lines in pattern making. Great for measuring armholes and necklines!

Pattern enlarging paperPattern enlarging paper has grided squares and is a specially designed pattern guide for enlarging or reducing sizes of patterns but can also be used as a grided sheet for alterations, such as adding volume or FBA's.