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Pattern making workshop
Cut. Flare. Gather - Pattern Making Workshop - Workshop
Cut. Flare. Gather - Pattern Making Workshop - Workshop
Cut. Flare. Gather - Pattern Making Workshop - Workshop
Cut. Flare. Gather - Pattern Making Workshop - Workshop
Cut. Flare. Gather - Pattern Making Workshop - Workshop

Pattern making workshop

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Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st July 10 am - 2.30 pm

Have you ever wanted to design your own patterns or hack the ones you own? Have some fun and go wild learning pattern-making in an exciting way!

In this weekend course, you'll gain more confidence to make creative patterns and know where to get started, so you can create your own designs!

You'll receive a booklet with all the information you're learning in class, so you can carry on with confidence at home! As well as having access to our new community platform - a space to ask questions and connect with other makers!

PLEASE NOTE: We'll be working on 1/2 scale blocks to allow you to work quickly and try lots of ideas. You can then translate this to your full-size patterns in your own time.

You'll learn how to:

  • Read a pattern
  • Understand technical terminology
  • Trace patterns and use equipment
  • Add seam allowance, facings and finishings
  • Change necklines and create a cowl neck
  • Design and make different sleeve patterns
  • Move and pivot darts 
  • Remove darts by moving the shaping into seams
  • Add panels and design lines
  • Turn darts into gather or pleats
  • Add flare to patterns and use it in your designs
  • Add gather to patterns and learn how to control the shape
  • Get an intro to working in 3D using draping
  • Design and develop a pattern of your choice

This course is flexible to allow you to learn the areas you're interested in! You'll leave the course feeling confident to make creative patterns and knowing where to get started!

What's included:

  • 1/2 scale blocks
  • Pattern making booklet with all the techniques so you can carry on at home
  • Fabric - to bring your 1/2 scale creations to life.
  • Pattern paper
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Sewing Machines
  • Cutting Tables
  • Plenty of Hand Sanitizer and Wipes!

We have a selection of pattern-making equipment you can purchase if you want to carry on at home after your workshop!

What to bring:

    If you've got some old fabrics in your stash you'd like to use to bring your creations to life then bring them along!

    About your tutor:

    Alys has many years of experience within the fashion industry. She has worked as a pattern maker for brands such as Alexander McQueen, Preen, steventai and Paper London. 

    Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, from Nottingham Trent University - which is renowned for giving its students a strong skill base. This is where her love for pattern making developed, combining her enjoyment of maths and problem solving with art, sewing and creativity.

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