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Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked
Pockets Unpicked

Pockets Unpicked

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It has pockets!’ – the phrase that wins every woman’s heart. Now, you can add a variety of pockets to your dresses, pants, tops or skirts. 🥳

We'll focus on drafting and sewing the following pocket types;
  • In-seam pockets
  • Patch pockets
  • Pocket flaps
  • Slash pockets
  • Cut-away pockets
  • Panelled cut-away pockets
  • Plus how to play with the shapes and designs so you can make many many more!

You'll also learn pattern terminology, tips for pattern making and how to finish your patterns.

All the material is pre-recorded so you can go at your own pace and ask questions along the way.

Course modules
Full lesson list in the drop-down menu below:

Getting started

  • Hello and welcome!
  • About Alys
  • How to use the 1/2 scale blocks
  • What is pattern making?
  • Tips for pattern making
  • Pattern Terminology
  • 'Squaring off' a pattern
  • Tracing a pattern

In-seam Pockets

  • In-seam pockets
  • Examples - In-seam pockets
  • In-seam pockets - Sewing notes
  • Adding a seam line
  • Try-it-yourself exercise - 1

Patch pockets

  • Patch pockets
  • Examples - Patch pockets
  • Examples - Pocket flap
  • Patch pockets - Sewing notes
  • Try-it-yourself exercise - 2

Slash pockets

  • Slash pocket
  • Examples - Slash pockets
  • Examples - Cut-away pockets
  • Slash / Cut-away pockets - Sewing notes
  • Try-it-yourself exercise - 3

Panelled Cut away pockets

  • Panelled cut away pockets
  • Examples - Panelled cut-away pockets
  • Panelled cut-away pockets - Sewing notes
  • Try-it-yourself exercise - 4

Finishing Patterns

  • Grainlines
  • Checking your patterns
  • Labelling patterns
  • Adding seam allowance
  • Making a toile

Most Of all..

You'll gain confidence in pattern making and practical skills you can use to change up your favourite sewing patterns and create the pockets of your dreams!

We know everyone learns differently, so we've included lots of visual content to break down pattern making in a fun and easy way.

Gain access to:

  • Video tutorials
  • Step-by-step illustrations
  • Design inspiration
  • Try-it-yourself exercises
  • Pocket sewing notes
  • Ask questions along the way

Meet your tutor:

Alys pattern cutting in the studio

Hi! I’m Alys, a pattern maker who's worked for brands like Alexander McQueen, steventai and Teija. But I don’t think designing clothes should be something only the experts and fashion houses can do – which is why I started Unpicked Studio.

I teach pattern making in a way that makes it simple and enjoyable because I believe everybody deserves to be able to design their own clothes.


Please read the course module content above before booking, and check out our FAQs if you have any questions.

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