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Our focus is to inspire people to get lost in creativity. 
Through workshops and online tutorials we teach new skills in a fun and easy way. As well as hosting socials and events, as a space to meet with like-minded people.
UNPICKED studio is unique because, rather than just teaching sewing skills, our aim is to inspire you to get lost in creativity - whether that’s designing, upcycling, sewing, fitting or pattern making. I hope that we’ve created a space that people can escape and lose themselves in making - that feeling you get when you’re buzzing with excitement is so powerful and we believe it has the power to change your life, or at the very least your day! 
About Alys
Originally from London, I have many years experience within the fashion industry. I have worked as a pattern maker for brands such as Alexander McQueen, Preen, steventai and Paper London. 
I love the process of making and I am happiest when I’m getting lost in creativity - whether it’s making a gift for a friend, creating a sketchbook, delving deep into pattern making and fitting solutions or sewing something to wear.
I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design, from Nottingham Trent University - which is renowned for giving its students a strong skill base. This is where my love for pattern making developed, combining my enjoyment of maths and problem solving with art, sewing and creativity.
I love teaching and bouncing ideas around with others to turn a design and an idea inside your head into something real!
About UNPICKED studio
The rumblings of UNPICKED studio started in March 2020, just before the pandemic hit and we launched our first workshops and new studio in September 2020, located within The Nest Creative Space.
I first started out to create a community in Sydney; bringing people together to learn and grow together. It has been amazing to watch this happen and I have met so many amazing people, many of whom I get to call my friends! Our community has grown across Australia and even internationally through our socials, where we share tutorials and have created online events.
Each month we create an Inspiration letter, a little gift in your inbox full of inspiring images, articles and tutorials.
With a clear focus on inspiring creativity, we have so many exciting plans for the future. Watch this space!